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About Chaotic Riffs Magazine
So who and what is Chaotic Riffs Magazine?  Well in short, it is an online metal magazine owned and operated by Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. that features both large and local upcoming bands.  The efforts of LeithalX and JROCK Houston have propelled the printed magazine version for over 5 years and now has evolved into an audio driven magazine with interviews.

This online media distribution magazine was developed as a means for new bands to promote their band using an alternative method of traditional music magazines.  We now have expanded our magazine to offer audio interviews with the band members rather than transcribing them into a printed format.  This way you will not miss any aspect of the interview and hear the interviews straight from the artist’s mouth.  We allow bands to provide information regarding up coming events, exclusive band interviews, music video clips, tour dates, and many other promotional aspects for FREE as well as paid inclusion within the the website.  All we ask is that you link back to us from any website and spread the word about the Chaotic Riffs Magazine.  That's It!  If you are interested in our paid inclusion be sure to visit our Advertise With Us page.

It is the goal of Chaotic Riffs Magazine to provide a unique music informational experience for readers and listeners of our online magazine format.  One of the key features to our magazine is the fact that it is totally FREE.  When we say free, we mean it.  It is made available for listening by audio format delivered using a video format that can be distributed freely to friends and familyby simply sending the link.  You are probably asking yourself how is this possible, but it is quite simple.  It is supported by the advertisers, sponsors, donations and revenue generated on the YouTube network.  

Who will be featured in the magazine? While popular mainstreamed bands that are signed to major labels frequently appear in the pages of the website, our goal is to feature local upcoming talent from all over the world.  Don’t let the name Chaotic Riffs Magazine fool you into thinking the magazine is only for heavy metal, death metal and thrash as it also can include any music genre and in fact we encourage it.  Our primary purpose  is to have a free viable option for local bands to promote themselves and be featured in a magazine to get the word out.

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